Below is a Birthday painting from Kathryn, depicting a memorable experience we shared navigating the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City. Throughout the trip I was sure that we were to become victims of murderous Grizzleys, or the European tourist who envied and desired my water purification device.

Yukon 2010

Another long anticipated creation in the neo classical abstract realism form painted by my wonderful daughter Kathryn Scannell , noted Canadian artist . It is quite reminiscent  of the transluscent window murals in the same style that adorn my humble abode , and are a constant and warm reminder of her presence in the lives of her family.

Collabrative effort by James Michael Kelly, Kathryn Scannell, Jake E. Pepper, Donné Marshall, and Pete Bird

An interesting animation from the NFB

Walking by Ryan Larkin, National Film Board of Canada